Xiaomi assets equals dept to the precision of last stated digit in Q2 2023

So i was checking the balance sheet of xiaomi and I relalized that their stated total assets are exactly the same as their dept.
And this is not a typo, as it is really the sum of their stated subdivisions:
(All in thousand RMD)

Non current assets: 118,060,763
Current Assets: 173,495,550

Total Assets: 291,556,313

Equity: 155,053,292
Liabilities: 136,503,021

Total “Dept”: 291,556,313

What do I make of this? Just coincidence? Did some executive told an intern to make sure that the total “dept” (equity +liabilities) should not exceed the assets?

[Link](https://ir.mi.com/financial-information/quarterly-results) to the documents. [Q2 pdf](https://ir.mi.com/system/files-encrypted/nasdaq_kms/assets/2023/08/29/6-36-44/2023082900551.pdf) (p. 28+29 /40)

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