What are your thoughts on BlackRock (as a potential long term investment)?

So, I have cash available and was looking for stocks. Instead of doubling down on my usual positions (GOOG, AMAZ, MSFT, BRK.B…) I was trying to find something cheaper.

I looked at Blackrock, and it seem to be doing fine. 6 bln income growing YoY, and 11bln in debt, which is ok. The company has a strong competitive position, over 11tn in assets under management, and an healthy PE of 20. I think that growth is likely to continue, (rising valuations, launch on new blackrock ETFs, service expansion) and their position is too dominant to be disrupted. I am not sure of their pricing power though, their ETFs clients are very sensitive, but at that scale they should fund a way to monetize (revenue is around 0.17% of their AUM). I don't see much risk, except for valuation, but I would like to hear different opinion and see if I am missing something.

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