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So I've been investing now for 4 years seriously and I think I figured out a winning strategy. Please I would like peoples input on this to see if you tried the same thing and what your long term success has been.

The strategy I have been using for the last 6 months was buying stocks that announce splits. I noticed that if you buy right around the time a stock announces a split they usually tick up a few percentage points. My thought process is buy a few now ride the upward momentum before the split happens.

This has given me almost an automatic cushion for the stock. Usually up 5-8$ a share after the split. I am not a supper risky investor but my portfolio is up 12% from enacting this strategy.

Has anyone else here done this and what we're the actual long term results? Did you find more often than not in the long run that the gain was from the hype the of split or did stocks continue to grow years after the split happened?

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