BRDSQ (Bird Global) – What do I do with the stock?

I'm a BRDSQ bag holder. Sadly I have quite a few shares of it, worth around 1% of what I paid for it. If I sold it all today I could use the proceeds to fill my gas tank once lol.

Though at least I'm well diversified and my overall portfolio is healthy. It was just a very bad play in hindsight.

I'm really not sure what to do with these shares. The company went bankrupt and, according to the news it went private in April. Yet the stock continues to trade and I've recently seen a 300% spike in stock price at one point.

Could anyone who has knowledge of this stock or in public company bankruptcies provide some insight on where it goes from here? I'm fine just sitting on it if that's the best move, but I'm curious where this ends.

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