Are options prices path independant? AKA If all greeks are some set number, does it matter what path they took to get there?

I realized I didnt know how this worked while looking at the DJT options. The IV is so absurdly high that last week all options were red, whether the stock went up or down (the IV was like 250%). This got me thinking, "should I just load up on these now since EVENTUALLY the IV will fall and in theory all of the options will raise in price?" However, as is the point of this post, I realized I didnt know ifa history of high IV impacted the price of the option. If, as a complete hyopthetical, all of the greeks and IV equaled some set number, and in a similar case all of the greeks USED to be all sorts of wak but eventually settled on those same set numbers, would the price of the option in both cases be identical? Thanks!

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