Anyone Using ChatGPT4 to Understand Markets?

Good information isn't tough to find, but if you have a specific question, I find GPT4 really helps me understand things.

I'm not asking it to recommend stocks, but rather explain some macro conditions for me to guide me in my decision making. For example, I'll ask it what sort of industries typically do well in a declining interest rate environment following a period of inflation. To which it responded with growth-oriented tech (low borrowing costs), consumer discretionary (auto,luxury, travel), certain financials (reits, insurance), etc..

In looking at some ETFs, I noticed BRZU is down big recently and the chart looks like it will setup for another rebound. So, I asked how US interest rates affect emerging markets. Long story short, money flows out of those companies into the US and the local currency depreciates which lead me to look at the Brazilian Real/USD price which coincides with BRZU. Logically then, if rates come down, that might buoy the Real and make BRZU and interesting trade.

I'm aware LLMs can hallucinate so, as with anything, do you due diligence. Anyone else here get some insights from ChatGPT?

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