Best long term stocks to invest in?

EDIT: I bought 10 MSFT, thanks for the advice!

Hi all, I am investing $15k today for some long term stocks. I already put about $7k of it into 50 NVIDIA, $2.6k into 100 Palantir, and $480 into 100 RKLB. Was wondering what would be good to invest the remaining $4.9k? I am undecided if I should top off any of the ones I just purchased today (thought about increasing RKLB to 1000 shares if things look bright for the future) or consider diversifying further. I have also been looking at AVGO, ASML, MSFT, AAPL, TSLA, AMD, and GOOG. What are some thoughts on these for long term? Or any others that you would recommend?

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